Absolutely, Kevin. Walking in Nature is one of the most meditative acts accessible to all. Urban folks might complain of lack of access, but she is always there if you look closely. Listening to music, audiobooks, or podcasts is a form of multitasking, precisely what you are trying to get away from. The need for silence during contemplation of any sort is a mandatory prerequisite.

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Kevin, a lovely piece. I can relate to this awakening of being one with nature. As a long-distance nature runner, I often have " out of body" experiences, where I am floating down the trail and every sound and smell is ampflied and the abundant chorus of nature fills my mind and soul. Its magical.

I wrote a piece on my blog about his reasonately https://typeshare.co/editor/clntxlvko0006jo08bnvqedve

I also love "tasting with your eyes" bit you wrote, sums up what you are doing when you let go and tune into nature, and live in the "now", just letting life and nature flow through you and out of you.

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Sep 6, 2023Liked by Kevin Kaiser

Really loved this...I like “tasting with your eyes.”

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