Love this excerpt: "It’s a stark realization to reach the summit and discover the truth. We stand there, look around and say, “Is this all there is?”

All the books you've mentioned like Second Mountain, Richard Rohr's and anything written by James Hollis clarify my thinking and put me in such an enlightened mood. I love anything that touches on purpose. But then after that, the hard part begins where I need to shift my life towards that purposeful sentiment. That's when it becomes tough. To get out of where I am and walk towards where I want to go.

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Great article. I resonated with David Brook’s The Second Mountain. How do we get from the first egoic mountain to that second of deeper essence of authentic spirit? That valley of soul. Rewilding! Your concept intersects nicely with Bill Plotkin’s work on descent to soul. The valley. Like Odysseus who met Hades in the underworld before he could “remember” his way home. We go through those initations and thresholds Plotkin describes in his stages of development wheel. https://www.animas.org/wp-content/uploads/Intro-to-ESDW-for-Animas-website.pdf

Most of us in the west don’t get past stage three of eight! We never get off that first mountain. That second mountain might go even beyond our own authenticity to the true niche of our whole species. That descent to soul for our times is a totally different odyssey.


We are all in need of Rewilding! It’s the only way home. The door only opens to the inside.

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